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revitalise your health  |  restore your energy  |  regain your spark 

Do you feel like you are on the treadmill of life? Just going from day to day, surviving rather than thriving? 

Let's get you back to your best self...

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The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning 


How I can help

  • Fed up with being tired all the time? 

  • Chronically stressed or anxious? 

  • Niggling digestive issues getting you down?

  • Hormones all over the place? 

  • Gaining weight and finding it hard to shift?

I'll get to the root cause of your symptoms, considering all aspects of your life and not only create a personalised health plan but coach you along the way so you can make these  changes last a lifetime.

I offer an empathetic and supportive environment to unpick your health concerns and empower you to step in to the life you deserve. It's not about taking away your favourite foods or putting you on a restrictive diet but understanding what makes you tick and how we can bring you back into balance so you can thrive and not just survive.


Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach on a mission to give busy, exhausted, stressed-out people a clear roadmap to improve their health and wellbeing for good. 

During many years of working highly stressful jobs, I found that my own health started to suffer. I struggled with digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and anxiety. I would push myself too hard at the gym and restrict my diet to make myself feel better but in reality I was running myself into the ground. Nutritional Therapy has given me the tools to transform my own health and well being and I'm passionate about helping others do the same.

Just living isn't enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower
- Hans Christian Anderson

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