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Recipe: Healthy Hot Chocolate

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

As the weather gets colder, nothing beats a hot chocolate to warm you up and make you feel cosy! Traditional hot chocolates however are full of ultra processed ingredients and incredibly high in sugar. As an alternative, try my healthy hot chocolate in the knowledge that you are giving your body a boost of nourishing ingredients as well as keeping yourself toasty! Maca supports hormone balance and boosts energy. Cacao is packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals especially magnesium and iron, it supports blood sugar balance and stress resilience.

Serves 2


  • 2 tsp good quality, organic, raw cacao powder (I like Aduna foods and Green Origins)

  • 1 tsp maca powder

  • 250ml warm plant milk (almond, oat, coconut- whichever you prefer)

  • Optional: 1 tsp maple syrup or 1 tsp coconut sugar to taste


  1. Add the cacao and maca powder to a cup and add enough boiling water to make a paste.

  2. Top with your warm plant milk of choice and sweeten to taste


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