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How I work

My one-to-one Programmes run over a 12 week period enabling me to really get to the bottom of your symptoms. It takes time to change your habits and your approach to nutrition and lifestyle so all the Programmes allow me the time to coach you towards the best possible results. All of my 12 week programmes include:


In depth health and wellbeing assessment

Pension Notebook

A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to achieve your health goals

Chicken Salad

Analysis of current diet and lifestyle

Image by Magic Mind

Supplement recommendations if appropriate

Prescription Medicine

Review of any medications and any possible contraindications

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Seasonal recipes and healthy shopping lists

Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

Interpretation and analysis of recent and future tests, liaising with your GP if required


Personal coaching and support with new food choices and habits

I had a 1-1 session to help me gain control over my hormonal symptoms, particularly period pains...
She has a gentle, precise and personalised approach and I left feeling empowered to make the changes my body needed.
Green Goodness




The Essential programme is for clients who want to access the value of nutritional therapy, but feel confident managing their plan with less contact hours.

1x 90 minute initial consultation
2 x 20 min progress calls
2 x 45 min follow up consultations
Email support as required




The Signature programme is our most popular and offers regular contact time so I can support you to make the necessary changes to optimise your health.

1x 90 minute initial consultation

4 x 20 min progress calls

4 x 45 min follow up consultations
Email support as required




The Ultimate programme is the most comprehensive package, ideal for clients seeking the support and accountability to change habits for good and transform their health.

1x 90 minute initial consultation

6 x 20 min progress calls

6 x 45 min follow up consultations
Email support as required


Health & Wellbeing MOT

A one-off 60 min consultation to review your current diet and lifestyle and make recommendations for optimal health and wellbeing. This is for you if who don't have any specific symptoms but want to check your are on the right track. You will receive personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations and supplement suggestions if required.



Chia Puddings in Jars
My approach

Sustainable. Realistic. Achievable.

My approach is based on understanding the body as a whole- evaluating not just how it is working physically but how mental, emotional or environmental pressures may be driving any ill health.  I get to the root cause of your symptoms so together we can get your body back in balance.

I understand that making changes to your diet and lifestyle can be difficult, often our eating behaviours have become crutches to help us get through our day-to day lives and habits have been engrained over many years. I'm here to guide you through those changes and help you tune in to your wellbeing so you are nourishing your body, mind and soul for now and the future.  I also use functional testing to support my assessments when required and pride myself on developing evidence-based, realistic and achievable nutrition and lifestyle plans.


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